Empower Health

Empower Health aims to enable health and well being by increasing adoption of known health solutions and innovations.


Founded in 2017 through Global Action Platform, Empower Health is a groundbreaking "field catalyst" health initiative that mobilizes resources and stakeholders to eliminate unnecessary human and community suffering by empowering people and treatment providers to adopt known health and wellness solutions. 

Working in partnership with universities, global businesses, community leaders, and NGO’s experienced in proactive health and wellness, Empower Health will stimulate and showcase innovations that accelerate health and wellness. 

Ultimately, aggregated data and experience gained from Empower Health projects will provide support to policy makers to shift to a sustainable system of health based on wellness.  


Every country in the world has a population with a unique health challenge for which there is a known solution. Empower Health accelerates and scales these proactive wellness and health solutions by connecting people with high-quality care, increasing knowledge and access, delivering continuous support, and creating sustainable funding pathways. 

Empower Health achieves its mission by leveraging the capacity of our technology partners, the rigor and fidelity of our academic research partners, and the support and access of our clinical and government policy partners. Solutions ultimately reduce spending for the treatment of disease and increase funding for wellness and health.


Businesses, foundations, universities, governments, NGOs and individuals may participate in the development of Empower Health through strategic collaborations, tax-deductible donations, government grants, and impact investments directed to Global Action Platform, a 501c3 corporation chartered in Tennessee. Interested parties should contact Grace Maddaloni, Executive Assistant


Initial Usecase Focus: Unintended Opioid Pregnancies

While the opioid crisis ravages communities across the country, its most innocent victims – newborn babies – have been largely ignored. Yet, the devastation and costs are staggering. 

Communities that have seen increased opioid overdose deaths also lead the nation in the prevalence of Low Birth Weight (LBW), Pre-Term Births, and Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) – all complications of opioid-exposed pregnancies. 

These predominantly unplanned births create terrible human suffering, and drive billions of dollars in acute care costs, almost all of which is paid through Medicaid. These births also create immense social costs that significantly exceed the acute care costs. The majority of both these costs are paid by state and federal agencies.

Using a unique, technology-enabled platform to educate, counsel, and remove barriers that hinder affected women from accessing their choice of preventative care, Empower Health’s first usecase project will demonstrate an innovative, patient-centric program that will create positive change for families and communities.

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Empower Health was launched by Global Action Platform, a trusted convener and field catalyst for scalable, cross-sector collaborations. To learn more about the initiative and specific plans for development, please click here.

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