Sharing ideas though global reports and communications to build consensus and informed action.

The Global Action Platform works to share ideas and innovative solutions globally to key leadership audiences and to the general public.  Through our global reports and communications, we seek to contribute to a global knowledge base for food, health, and prosperity and to create a growing global consensus for action.

The Global Action Report documents proceedings of the annual Global Action Summit by providing summaries of major ideas, recommendations for action, long-range vision frameworks, and exemplary stories and analysis relevant to creating abundance through innovation in food, health, and prosperity.  The Report is published and distributed worldwide in partnership with the Diplomatic Courier.  Distribution includes mailings to 25,000 top global decision makers in the corporate, government, university, investment, media, and NGO sectors, and online readership of four million.

Beginning in 2016, the Report will be released annually during the UNGA program at the United Nations in New York City.


Social Media

In partnership with the UN Foundation’s +SocialGood, the Global Action Platform shares ideas and presentations for a global audience through live stream broadcast of major events and a broad  set of social media communications, blogs, and sharing through other media platforms in order to reach a large audience around the world.


Video Library

The Global Action Platform houses a library of videos of presentations from its global summits and other events, featuring leading experts addressing critical issues facing the world in food, health, and prosperity.


Articles Library

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Global Action Projects

Global Action Platform engages the world’s top experts and leaders and then applies these ideas in Urban & Rural Living Laboratories, investments, strategic partnerships, and joint ventures.