Leveraging technology for cluster economic development driven by innovation and enabling working groups and partnerships.

The Global Action Platform works with universities and businesses to advance research-driven cluster economic development, particularly through CONNECT, a research capabilities data base and search engine to facilitate private sponsored research.

We actively seek partnerships and alliances to promote collaboration and alignment among existing initiatives in the food, health, and economic sectors, using technologies to enable collective impact.

In addition, Global Action Platform is creating concierge enterprise services designed to cultivate collaborations and partnerships, especially between universities and the business/investment sectors.

To speak with a staff representative about a collaboration email Cheryl Harrison at .

University Action Tanks

Synchronize university thinkers, doers & research to hyperdrive global solutions.

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Global Action Projects

Global Action Platform engages the world’s top experts and leaders and then applies these ideas in Urban & Rural Living Laboratories, investments, strategic partnerships, and joint ventures.