Advancing health and prosperity at a regional scale.


Healthier757is a regional initiative to improve the health and prosperity of citizens in Hampton Roads, Virginia by transforming the way people learn about and manage their health.  The pilot program, designed for national replication, has been launched across the region in partnership with an expanding network of economic development, higher education, municipal, and community health organizations.  


Healthier757 combines a collective impact model for regional cross-sector collaboration with a powerful interactive digital health platform pioneered by EdLogic.  

A regional agenda connecting the major healthcare services, universities, and community-based organizations(CBOs)  to the learning system and platform brings the technology to life and advances the collective impact of existing programs and initiatives for health and economic development in the region.  Healthier757 includes a strong focus on underserved communities to address health disparities, social determinants of health, and other unique needs of this vulnerable population.

The dynamic game-based platform is easy-to-use and readily accessible to anyone with access to the internet.  Free access to authoritative health information is provided through Rewards for Healthy Living at  

 Model Features:

  • game-based learning
  • rewards for progress
  • rich content covering chronic conditions to healthy living
  • scalable, secure, HIPAA-compliant, cloud-hosted technology
  • Regional collaboration and impact

Building on a shared program agenda, metrics, and ongoing collaboration across the region, Healthier 757 program managers work with community and civic organizations, economic development groups, schools and universities, and businesses to enroll citizens and to integrate existing services and resources to improve health. Local universities play a key role serving as strategic outreach partners, providing valuable educational content, and contributing academic research expertise. Program implementation also includes continuous research and data analytics to measure outcomes and measure effectiveness.

Community partners provide outreach programs and serve as a community engagement network including employers, faith-based organizations, community non-profit organizations, economic development groups such as Hampton Roads Workforce Council and Reinvent Hampton Roads, fitness/rec centers, 757 Proud, local Chambers of Commerce, and local municipalities.


◦        Coronavirus (COVID-19)

◦        Mental Health

◦        Opioid Addiction

◦        Chronic Health Conditions

◦        Cancer

◦        Caregiving & Senior Health

◦        Medication Use

◦        Health Insurance

◦        Telemedicine

◦        Navigating the Healthcare System   


◦        Infant Mortality

◦        Early Childhood Education

◦        Health Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

◦        Social Determinants of Health


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